Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Ringwood Rovers Announce Additional Try-Out Date

On Wednesday June 12th, there will be an additional try-out for U11 and U12 girls.  This try-out will be held at 6pm on Ryerson field.

History of the Ringwood Rovers Soccer Club

The Ringwood Rovers soccer club was founded in 1991 due to the initiative of Ringwood resident Bryan Ward. Ward, a former Franklin Lakes Braves player, began a men’s soccer program in Ringwood after the Braves team was disbanded. The Rovers name was taken from one used by many British teams, most notably the Blackburn Rovers.

Youth travel soccer programs have been in place in Ringwood for many years under the jurisdiction of both Ringwood Recreation and as a private entity. In 1996, the Ringwood Rovers officially incorporated the youth travel teams into their organization. The recipients of many league championships and tournament victories, the teams have benefited from the strong support of the parents, coaches, volunteers, and the Ringwood Rovers Soccer Auxiliary.

Currently the Rovers Soccer Club supports boys and girls teams ranging from U8 to U14. In addition, the Rovers men's division continues to play in the United Soccer league. With continued support from the community, it is the goal of Ringwood Rovers to promote talent in the area of soccer through a competitive program which will attract dedicated players from the Ringwood area.

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